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5 Jan 2011 | Deduplication

SNW Europe: The Next Steps for Data Deduplication and The Backup Redesign Initiative

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About this video:   While it’s clear data deduplication is no longer an emerging technology, how it is being applied in user environments and what users are actually achieving varies greatly--given the numerous types of data reduction technologies on the market. Backup redesign continues to be a key initiative for enterprises, and data deduplication has proven to a tremendous enabling technology in the mass migration of users from tape-based to disk-based backup infrastructure. But where is it all going next? In this presentation Arnaud Christoffel first establishes the industry’s progress to date in the backup redesign initiative and then explores what’s on the horizon for backup, including new challenges to be faced and new applications for data deduplication.


About this speaker: Presented by Arnaud Christoffel, VP Backup & Recovery Systems Division, EMC Europe


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