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17 Dec 2010 | SNIA & SNIA Europe

SNW Europe: Grid computing for the Large Hadron Collider: Massive computing at the limit of scale, space, power and budget

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About this video:  Following his introduction to CERN, the LHC accelerator and the experiments, Dr. Helge Meinhard will deliver insight into the intensive compute and data requirements and the way they are tackled in a world-wide collaboration to support the most complex particle physics experiment ever undertaken. As part of his session he will share the learnings gained from facing the power and cooling challenges associated with a fast growing infrastructure that already comprises over 55,000 processing cores and 62,000 disk drives at CERN-IT. Finally he will give an update on the future direction of CERN Central IT and what he believes to be the biggest data center challenges moving forward.


About this speaker:  Dr Helge Meinhard , Group Leader, Platform and Engineering Services, IT Department, CERN


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