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SNS Europe Supplements

Welcome to the SNS Europe archive of technology and vendor focused supplements. The aim of the supplements is to inform you of the latest technologies and how vendors are adapting and presenting them in relation to their products, to the storage networking community. Click on the cover of your choice and find out more about the contents of that issue and to view the articles in full.


1 Feb 2009 | Virtualization

IT Professionals’ Guide to a Smarter Storage Environment: Solutions for Managing Data Growth and Controlling Costs

The storage landscape continues to evolve. Faced with such an array of storage ideas and options, how does one begin to make sense of such complexity?

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1 Feb 2009 | SAN/NAS

Networked Enterprise Storage Solutions for Business Partners

Avnet Technology Solutions (via acquisitions) helped the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) Europe put storage networking technology on the map, across Europe, more than 10 years ago. Move forward to the present day and the FCIA Europe has ?evolved? into the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Europe.

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1 Dec 2008 | Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs

Solid State Disks – Special Technology Software Focus

SSDs – not a new technology, but one whose time appears to have come. So, why the big deal now?

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1 Sep 2008 | Data Centres

Save the Datacentre, Save the World!

It is an exciting time in the world of data centre networking. Over the past three years, requirements for data centre capacity have increased by almost 10 per cent year on year, but businesses are facing increased pressure to reduce operational costs while improving efficiency and availability. For the vendor community, this poses an interesting challenge.

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1 Jun 2008 | Virtualization

Virtualisation Technology Software Focus from SNS Europe

SNS Europe’s Virtualisation Focus aims to provide readers with the knowledge required to start planning a storage virtualisation implementation strategy. We hope that you will find it of use and of interest.

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1 Oct 2007 | Data Centres

Green I.T. – Special Technology Focus

The Green Grid, a non-profit consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres and business computing ecosystems, has announced its technology

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1 Jun 2007 | Deduplication

Data Deduplicaton

This SNS Europe Technology Focus is designed to help you understand how the different data de-duplication solutions operate, and, as importantly, how they can help improve the speed of your back-up and recovery process, optimise the use of your back-up media at the same time as helping you understand the types of data that lend themselves to the data de-duplication process.

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1 Jun 2007 | BC/DR

Next Generation Backup Recovery & Archiving

The growth and heterogeneous character of the bits in the digital universe mean that organizations worldwide, large and small, whose IT infrastructures transport, store, secure, and replicate these bits, have little choice but to employ ever more sophisticated techniques for information management, security, search, and storage.

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1 Oct 2006 | Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs

VTL – 2006 A Tape Odyssey Special Technology Focus from SNS Europe

Open systems Virtual Tape Library (VTL) technology represents one of the fastest growing storage technologies of this decade. Excluding mainframe offerings, this product space has grown to a half-billion dollar market in under 3 years. Designed to address shrinking backup windows and improve the reliability and predictability of nightly backups, VTLs are now available from all major storage vendors.

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1 Jun 2006 | BC/DR

EMC Information Management Recovery Management Solutions

Information has always been vital to running a business. Today, with businesses striving to meet compliance requirements, minimise legal risk and protect overall business health, information has become even more critical to survival. This means that organisations must continually raise the bar for protecting and recovering their information.

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1 May 2006 | BC/DR

CDP – The Focus Switches From Backup to Recovery Special Technology Focus from SNS Europe

Continuous Data Protection (CDP) represents a major breakthrough in data protection. CDP dramatically changes the data protection focus from backup to recovery. With continuously safeguarding all changes to your important data, the IT administrator need never think about backup again – it just works. And when disaster strikes, CDP-based solutions offer the utmost in flexibility and performance by allowing for rapid recovery to any desired point in the past.

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1 Nov 2005 | Data Centres

Data Centre Intelligence – What does the future hold?

Recognising that data centre consolidation is the single most important issue currently exercising the minds of enterprise level CIOs and IT professionals, SNS Europe’s special data centre technology focus aims to provide readers with an insight as to some of the technology and business process developments that are underpinning this major trend.

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1 Oct 2005 | Ethernet Storage

IP Storage – Blueprint for the Second Generation

This supplement provides a brief overview of the state of the market, with some pointers to what the IT industry might expect from the technology as well as defining terms and clarifying how IP Storage relates to other storage networking technologies.

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1 Jun 2005 | SAN/NAS

Intelligent Fabric Applications: Collaboration and Industry Standards to bring SANs to the next level

Initially, networks provided basic connectivity among users, bandwidth for the users, and access to applications that supported business processes, and the "intelligence" existed outside the network. Today, networks are vital to support business objectives and increase productivity and as such are expected to offer increased and diverse functionality as organisations face the demands for increasing scalability of the infrastructure; the need to integrate new complex technologies; challenges of new and daily threats from hackers and viruses; and the escalating costs of systems integration.

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1 May 2005 | Compliance

Compliance – Get The Balance Right

Local, regional, national and international regulatory authorities make differing demands on organisations in terms of the data they are required to make available ’ what, when and for how long ’ so it’s crucial that end users understand how storage networking technology can help them achieve such compliance. Adopting an Information Lifecycle Management approach to data management, and using the appropriate hardware and software to implement such a strategy should ensure that, whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II or any other piece of legislation, your company stays on the right side of the law.

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1 Mar 2005 | Compliance

ILM – The Road Ahead

ILM does fit very neatly with today’s primary drivers for storing networking end users - costs, consolidation and compliance - but that doesn’t mean that it must be implemented overnight, or cost hundreds of thousands of pounds. This supplement will provide an overview of the best way to approach and implement the next steps you take.

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1 Feb 2005 | Ethernet Storage

IP Storage – The Time is Right

If you’ve yet to investigate the potential benefits of IP Storage, this Technology Focus will hopefully provide the necessary information and impetus to do so, and if you’re already deploying IP Storage, it’s unlikely that you’ll have all the bases covered, so you should learn a few new tips.

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1 Feb 2004 | Virtualization

IBM TotalStorage. Connected. Protected. Complete.

In this supplement we will describe the leading edge technology that underpins IBM’s storage solutions, and some of the customers will describe their experiences of addressing extraordinary business needs using IBM TotalStorage solutions.

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1 Jan 2004 | BC/DR

Completing The Circle – Information Lifecycle Management

This supplements presents and reflects the strategic shift of focus to an information-centric view of IT, where the business and IT co-operate more closely than ever before. Implementing Information Management solutions is a key step - and positions the organisation to gain immediate benefits in productivity, cost and risk reduction, as well as being a step towards fully automated Information Lifecycle Management.

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