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A hard Disk drive is a non-volatile storage device for digital data. RAID is a technology that provides increased storage reliability through redundancy, combining multiple low-cost, less-reliable disk drive components into a logical unit where all drives in the array are interdependent. Tape is a medium made of a thin magnetisable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic. Solid-State Drives (SSDs) are data storage devices that use solid-state memory to store persistent data.

Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs News
3 Jul 2015 | BC/DR

The external disk storage systems market in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) in the first quarter of 2015 registered one of its heftiest declines i... Read more

3 Jul 2015 | ICT

Three new Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX dedicated solutions for integrated communications platforms such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync and OfficeMaster Gate. Read more

3 Jul 2015 | BC/DR

The Sauber F1 Team is extending its partnership with NetApp, a global leader in storage and data management. After a successful three-year collaboration with... Read more

2 Jul 2015 | BC/DR

StorMagic has reaffirmed its commitment to sustained global channel investment with the announcement of its Preferred Partner Programme. The company also ann... Read more

1 Jul 2015 | ICT

Survey finds more than 90 percent of EMEA respondents plan to deploy hyperconvergence within next two years, compared to 70 percent in Nort.h America Read more

1 Jul 2015 | Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs

New drives combine 6TB with 7,200 RPM performance. Read more

1 Jul 2015 | BC/DR

DataDirect Networks has introduced the latest release of its advanced WOS® object storage platform. Coming off a year of 250 percent year-over-year reven... Read more

30 Jun 2015 | BC/DR

Global marketing implementation agency Hogarth has chosen Cleversafe’s web-scale storage software platform. Cleversafe’s technology allows Hogart... Read more

30 Jun 2015 | BC/DR

Storage Focus is back – and bigger than ever1 Read more

30 Jun 2015 | BC/DR

Employees at data and information management software company Commvault are racing to raise funds for children’s charity Action Medical Research &ndash... Read more

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Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs TV & Audio

12 Dec 2011 | SAN/NAS

Panasas Parallel File System and RAID

In this video blog post, Garth Gibson, Panasas founder and CTO, talks about file system RAID and how the Panasas parallel file system, PanFS, provides redundancy as part of the file system itself. He compares this innovative approach to most parallel file systems which push reliability down to the storage device layer, usually to hardware RAID controllers. Watch Garth as he explains the problems with the RAID controller approach to redundancy, which include: cost and long reconstruction times. He concludes by talking about the various technologies essential to making reconstruction as parallel as are applications. For more information about high performance parallel storage, visit

5 Dec 2011 | Ethernet Storage

Datacore Storage Hypervisor

GeorgeTexeira, CEO of Datacore, explains why they "created" a storage hypervisor, and why auto tiering, the new feature, is good in a software layer.

21 Nov 2011 | SAN/NAS

Unified Storage -- When Good Enough is Not Enough

Julie Parrish, Senior Vice-President, Global Partner Sales at NetApp discusses NetApp's success in the Midsize Enterprise storage market and how competitors such as EMC are following in NetApp's footsteps.

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Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs Web Exclusives

29 Jun 2015 | BC/DR

22 Jun 2015 | Deduplication

1 Jun 2015 | BC/DR

25 May 2015 | BC/DR

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Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs Magazine Articles




Winter 2010/2011 | Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs

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Disk/RAID/Tape/SSDs Supplements

1 Feb 2009 | SAN/NAS

Networked Enterprise Storage Solutions for Business Partners

Avnet Technology Solutions (via acquisitions) helped the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) Europe put storage networking technology on the map, across Europe, more than 10 years ago. Move forward to the present day and the FCIA Europe has ?evolved? into the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Europe.

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