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Taking resellers to Warp speed

Stordis, the high performance distributor, now distributes throughout Europe the LSI® Nytro™ WarpDrive™ Application Acceleration Card, LSI’s second-generation family of PCIe® flash adapters. Stordis will also stock the LSI 6Gb/s SAS Switch and other LSI SATA+SAS board-level products.


Date: 20150902

“Flash storage is becoming increasingly vital for resellers to deliver competitive hardware platforms within the enterprise and datacentres, as well as within key vertical markets such as financial trading, the media and broadcast industry and more traditional high performance computing,” comments Stordis’ CEO Alexander Jeffries. “As such, we needed to find the best performing solution in the market. The PCIe interface is currently by far the most effective way to deliver this lightning-fast storage technology directly onto the motherboard of performance-hungry servers. Having looked in detail at the available technologies, we are confident that LSI has the most comprehensive and compelling product roadmap in the enterprise flash industry segment.”

LSI Nytro WarpDrive cards range in capacity from 200GB to 3.2TB of MLC or SLC flash memory; a single Nytro WarpDrive card can deliver the I/O performance of hundreds of hard disk drives. This provides significantly improved application performance and response times, while reducing the necessary hard disk count and consuming dramatically less space and power. The PCIe host interface and small form factor make it more flexible and easier to integrate into today’s low profile, high performance system chassis.

“The continuing growth of data and the challenges this brings means that storage solutions need to deliver greater intelligence, flexibility and performance to accelerate applications. The Nytro WarpDrive card offers customers the next evolution of storage architectures for market segments requiring high performance and low latency,” comments Thomas Pavel, EMEA Channel Sales Director at LSI. “Stordis has a proven track record as a European distributor with real knowledge and experience of high performance technology, and is well positioned to help us reach customers in this sector.”

Expanding the choice to work with LSI in more detail, Jeffries explains:

“LSI’s experience and standing in the broader storage industry gives it a number of distinct advantages:

“The Nytro WarpDrive card uses standard LSI SAS software drivers, which are common in the storage industry segment. This ensures plug-and-play compatibility with tier one server providers. Many of the competing products require large, additional software drivers to be installed on the server. We found that these can sap significant amounts of power from the main processor with a negative effect on overall performance.

“In addition to its use of proven, stable drivers, the LSI Nytro WarpDrive card uses LSI SandForce® Flash Storage Processors, which are used by nearly 50 of the industry’s leading global suppliers of solid state drives (SSDs). The company has a clear advantage when implementing its own industry standard technology within the Nytro WarpDrive card.

“Finally, the LSI SandForce on-chip DuraWrite™ technology greatly reduces the flash memory’s “write amplification” by up to 10 times compared to competing solutions. This helps the Nytro WarpDrive solution to last many times longer and sustain much higher duty cycles than any competing solutions.”



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